Table 1

Examples of findings from systematic reviews of recent studies on childhood/youth prevalence of autism

ReviewNo. of studiesPublication dates of studiesMedian prevalence/1000Range/1000
Autistic disorder
French et al., 20134 Autistic disorder262000–20112.20.8–9.4
Asperger syndrome* 131998–20112.10.5–2.8
Elsabbagh et al., 20125 Northern European162000–20081.90.7–3.9
Western Pacific122000–20111.20.3–9.4
South East Asia/East Mediterranean1---
Overall 1.70.3–9.4
Tsai, 20146 432001–20132.80.3–19.0
Pervasive developmental disorder
French et al., 20134 342000–20116.20.6–26.4
Elsabbagh et al., 20125 Northern Europe142000–20116.23.0–11.6
Western Pacific42004–2011-1.6–19.0
South East Asia/East Mediterranean42007–2012-0.1–10.7
Overall 6.20.1–19.0
Tsai, 20146 612000–20147.00.2–26.4
Adak and Halder, 20177 252005–20159.20.7–26.4
  • *The authors comment on dubious quality of results.