Table 2

Primary tumour site according to International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition code used in the Monitoring of Cancer Incidence in Japan project41

Any cancer (C00–C96, D00–D09)Breast (C50, D05)
Oral cavity and pharynx (C00–C14)Uterus (C53–C55, D06)
Oesophagus (C15, D001)Cervix uteri (C53, D06)
Stomach (C16)Corpus uteri (C54)
Colon and rectum (C18–C20, D010–D012)Ovary (C56)
Colon (C18 and D010)Prostate (C61)
Rectum (C19–C20, D011–D012)Bladder (C67, D090)
Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts (C22)Kidney and urinary organs (except bladder) (C64–C66, C68)
Gallbladder and other parts of biliary tract (C23–C24)Brain and other parts of central nervous system (C70–C72)
Pancreas (C25)Thyroid (C73)
Larynx (C32)Malignant lymphoma (C81–C85, C96)
Lung and bronchus (C33–C34, D021–D022)Multiple myeloma (C88, C90)
Skin (C43–C44, D030–D049)Leukaemia (C91–C95)