Table 4

Child–parent concordance on the CHU9D adolescent version

Pearson’s correlationParent–childMother–childFather–child
Adolescent algorithm for parents17860.130.09 to 0.1815700.140.10 to 0.192160.04−0.09 to 0.18
Sensitivity analysis
Adult algorithm for parents17860.150.10 to 0.1915700.160.11 to 0.202160.06−0.08 to 0.19
Adjusted linear regressionNRCP valueNRCP valueNRCP value
Adolescent algorithm for parents17830.12<0.00115690.13<0.0012140.040.53
Sensitivity analysis
Adult algorithm for parents17830.13<0.00115690.14<0.0012140.050.42
  • Non-biological caregivers were excluded from these analyses (n=16). Covariates in adjusted linear regression models include parent and child age, SEIFA disadvantage index, BMI and parent and child sex in models including both sexes.

  • BMI, body mass index; CC, correlation coefficients for Pearson; CHU9D, Cchild Hhealth Utility 9 Dimension; n, number of biological child–parent pairs with this measure; RC, estimated regression coefficient; SEIFA, Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas.