Adjusted linear regression*NRCP valueNRCP valueNRCP value
Hearing threshold14630.16<0.00112690.16<0.0011940.140.009
Speech reception threshold14490.14<0.00112580.12<0.0011910.200.002
Receptive vocabulary13850.21<0.00111990.21<0.0011860.160.003
Sentence repetition, raw score13980.28<0.00112150.27<0.0011830.32<0.001
Sentence repetition, scaled score13980.29<0.00112150.28<0.0011830.35<0.001
  • Non-biological parent-child pairs were excluded from these analyses (n=13).

  • *Covariates in adjusted linear regression models include parent and child age, disadvantage index and parent and child sex in models including both sexes.

  • CC, estimated Pearson’s correlation coefficient; N, number of biological child-parent pairs with this measure; RC, estimated regression coefficient.