Table 2

Clinical characteristics of the outcomes of interest in the studies for which the list of codes was available

Study included codes forN% of total with code lists available
 Generalised anxiety disorder5100.0
 Panic disorder/attacks480.0
 Mixed anxiety and depression360.0
 Stress-related disorders240.0
 Post-traumatic stress disorder120.0
 Unipolar depression17100.0
 Depression with psychotic symptoms1482.4
 Mixed anxiety and depression1058.8
 Bipolar disorder423.5
 Depression in dementia317.6
Dementia/cognitive impairment17100.0
 Alzheimer’s disease1381.3
 Vascular dementia1381.3
 Frontotemporal dementia1275.0
 Lewy bodies disease1168.8
 Mild cognitive impairment only317.6
 Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalitis3100.0
 Post viral fatigue syndrome3100.0
 Chest pain125.0
 Chronic widespread pain125.0
 Musculoskeletal pain125.0
 Unspecified abdominal pain125.0
Sexual dysfunction (male)3100.0
 Erectile dysfunction3100.0
 Other male sexual dysfunctions133.3
Sleep disorder1100.0
Fatal and non-fatal self-harm21100.0
 Completed suicide1780.9
 Completed suicide only838.1
 Completed and attempted suicide only628.6
 Completed and attempted suicide, and self-harm419.1
 Included deaths of undetermined intent733.3
 Attempted suicide/self-harm419.1