Table 2

Mapping of sleep posture measurement and symptoms

AuthorSleep environmentStandard three sleep posturesNumber of sleep posturesSleep posture outcome measurementAnatomical areaSymptom typeSymptom(s) characteristicsSymptom outcome measurement
Abanobi et al,43 2015DomesticY3SRLumbarPainPast and present historyQuestionnaire—face-to-face interview
Cary et al,42 2016DomesticY4SR+video recordingCervical, lumbar, both, otherPain, stiffnessFrequency (month)
waking symptoms
Questionnaire written
Desouzart et al,17 2016DomesticY3SRAll spinePainIntensityQuestionnaire written—pain VAS
Gordon et al,13 2007DomesticY5SRCervicalPain, stiffness, HA, shoulder blade/arm painFrequency (week), duration
Waking symptoms
Questionnaire—structured telephone interview
  • HA =  headache; SR =  self-report; VAS =  Visual Analogue Scale; Y =  yes.