Table 2

L’Actuel PrEP Cohort follow-up status and median duration of PrEP use based on year of cohort entry (2013–2018)

Follow-up status on July 31, 2018201320142015201620172018*Total
Active PrEP use†414.82122.310723.518425.522437.913952.167931.5
Reported PrEP discontinuation829.61516.06814.99312.96611.2166.026612.3
No PrEP follow-up ≥6 months1140.74446.821246.622130.611619.620.760628.1
Did not initiate PrEP414.81414.96814.922431.018531.311041.260528.1
Duration of PrEP use in months, median (IQR)‡32.2(14.8–41.2)23.2(14.2–40.0)13.8(6.2–29.9)14.7(4.9–21.6)6.9(3.6–10.8)1.4(1.0–3.4)9.2(3.7–19.6)
Total PrEP consults271.3944.445521.172233.559127.426712.42156100
  • *Includes baseline consults from January 1 to June 30, 2018 only.

  • †Active PrEP use is defined as an open PrEP prescription at a PrEP follow-up visit within the past 6 months (February 1–July 31, 2018).

  • ‡Duration of follow-up is measured among those who initiated PrEP.

  • PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.