Table 1

Inclusion criteria for healthcare professionals for enrolling in NPRL

  • Having a practice in the pilot area of NPRL.

  • A GP who has visited less than 2 out of 3 education days or a therapist who has participated in less than 3 out of 4 education days.

  • Are not able to implement the protocols or assessment tool of NPRL in their own practice.

  • Willingness to attend the meetings and to implement the different elements of NPRL.

  • GPs and mental health practice nurses must be linked to a participating therapist in order to make effective referrals to treat patients in (interdisciplinary) primary care regarding the protocol and vision of NPRL.

  • Physiotherapists having a participating GP or RP. As they cannot refer a patient when the patient is too complex for them, they will not have an inclusion option for study participants if there is no participating GP or RP.

  • Secondary and tertiary organisations have to meet the criteria of the Position Paper ‘Medical Specialist Rehabilitation for chronic musculoskeletal pain’ [2017].60

  • GP, general practitioner; NPRL, Network Pain Rehabilitation Limburg; RP, rehabilitation physician.