Table 3

List of variables collected at baseline and follow-up visits in the l’Actuel PrEP Cohort in Montreal (2013–2018)

Baseline measurements
  • Socio-demographic variables: age, gender, income, educational level.

  • Laboratory measures: fourth generation HIV test with additional HIV Rapid Test if necessary, syphilis serology, urine and extra-genital tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, hepatitis C and A virus antibody tests, hepatitis B antigen tests, serum creatinine, Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), urinalysis or microalbumin and complete blood count.

  • Self-reported sexual behaviours within past 12 months: numbers of sexual partners (regular partners: seen recurrently; and occasional partners: seen only once or twice), methods of meeting partners, type of partners (ie, HIV+, HIV+ undetectable, etc), types of sexual practices, levels of condom use, types of drugs used during sex.

  • Self-reported lifetime history of STIs.

  • Prior use of ARVs for post-exposure prophylaxis or prior to sex.

  • High-Incidence Risk Index for Men who have Sex with Men (HIRI-MSM) risk evaluation tool (only starting in June of 2016).

  • Indication for receiving PrEP: condomless anal sex, multiple PEPs, serodifferent partners.

  • PrEP prescription type (daily or on-demand regimen).

Follow-up measurements:
  • Laboratory measures: fourth generation HIV test, systematic STI testing for all exposed sites (urethral, rectal and/or pharyngeal, depending on sexual practices), creatinine tests.

  • PrEP monitoring: side effects, adherence, dates of PrEP stop and reason for PrEP stop (where applicable).

  • Sexual behaviour since the last visit: types of sexual practices and levels of condom use during sex; changes in sexual behaviour since the last PrEP visit including: numbers of sexual contacts, drug use, alcohol consumption, frequency of gay dating App or Bathhouse use.

  • PrEP prescription type (daily or on-demand regimen).

  • ARV, antiretroviral medication; PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; STI, sexually transmitted infection.