Table 3

The significance of differences in the distribution and variability in test request rates between GP practices located in rural and urban areas

Electrolyte profilesLipid profilesPSAThyroid profilesHbA1cLiver profilesACRImmunoglobulins
  • ACR, albumin/creatinine ratio; GP, general practitioner; PSA, prostate-specific antigen.

  • pMWU, the Mann Whitney U p-value assessing differences in distributions of laboratory test rates between rural and urban practices. pFK, the Fligner-Killeen p-value referring to the significance level of differences in variances. In both cases, the Bonferroni-corrected p<0.01 was considered statistically significant (*). Bonferroni-corrected significance cut-off of α <0.01 was established by dividing the family wise error probability pfwe <0.05 by the number of tested associations that is, five measurements over time.