Table 5

Categories of evaluation outcomes integrated in the evaluation framework

No. of articles
Healthcare providers’ reactions 17
Provider-reported training appraisal 16
 Overall training appraisal and satisfaction11
 Appraisal of training content5
 Appraisal of training materials3
 Appraisal of training didactics2
 Appraisal of training organisation and delivery4
 Appraisal of training impact6
 Ideas for training improvement1
Objective training feasibility and acceptability data 4
Healthcare providers’ learning 27
Provider-reported learning 23
 Subjective knowledge gain3
 Attitude to SDM8
 Attitude to care3
 Intention to engage in SDM7
 Confidence in SDM and communication skills10
 Confidence in medical competence1
Objective learning measures 7
Healthcare providers’ behaviour 26
Provider-reported SDM and provider-patient interaction 14
Patient-reported SDM and provider-patient interaction 11
Standardised patient-reported SDM and provider-patient interaction 2
Observer-rated SDM and provider-patient interaction 12
Healthcare provider training in SDM results 31
Work life of healthcare providers 12
 Provider-reported stress and burnout2
 Provider reaction to the decision6
 Provider satisfaction with care4
 Provider-reported provider-patient relationship2
Patient population health 11
 Patient-reported health literacy2
 Patient-reported intention to treatment adherence3
 Patient-reported adherence2
 Patient-reported health10
 Medical records2
Patient experience of care 18
 Patient-reported reaction to the decision11
 Patient-reported satisfaction with care4
 Patient-reported attitude to SDM and care8
 Patient-reported provider-patient relationship3
 Provider-reported patient reaction to care4
Healthcare system costs 13
 Provider-reported medical practice4
 Patient-reported decisional outcome3
 Standardised patient-reported physician’s final recommendation1
 Observer-recorded provider recommendation or decision1
 Healthcare resource use2
 Training costs1
 Medical record review of decision-making1
 Duration of provider-patient interaction4
  • Detailed information on evaluation outcomes is attainable in online supplementary file S4.