Table 2

Quality results of the ICROMS tool

StudyStudy designICROMS scoreMinimum score* metMandatory criteria metRecommendation for inclusion
Bernhard et al 54 RCT20NoNoNo
Bieber et al 23RCT20NoNoNo
Bieber et al 22RCT24YesYesYes
Bieber et al 24 NCBA19NoNoNo
Bieber et al 30RCT23YesYesYes
Butow et al 55 RCT22YesNoNo
Cohen et al 50CRCT26YesNoNo
Davis et al 51QUAL21YesYesYes
Dion et al 41 NCBA18NoNoNo
Edwards et al 52RCT18NoNoNo
Edwards et al 52CRCT24YesNoNo
Edwards et al 53QUAL20YesNoNo
Edwards   et al 52CRCT26YesYesYes
Feng et al 42 RCT22YesNoNo
Geiger et al 31 RCT23YesYesYes
Härter et al 25CRCT23YesYesYes
Jo and An59 CBA16NoNoNo
Kasper et al 32 NCBA19NoNoNo
Körner et al 26CRCT20NoNoNo
Körner et al 27CRCT18NoNoNo
LeBlanc et al 33CRCT26YesNoNo
Légaré et al 36CRCT24YesNoNo
Légaré et al 35CRCT23YesNoNo
Légaré et al 34CRCT19NoNoNo
Loh et al 28 Post-testn/an/an/an/a
McCallister et al 43 NCBA19NoNoNo
Metcalfe et al 56 NCBA8NoNoNo
Murray et al 37 RCT22YesYesYes
Price-Haywood et al 44 CRCT22YesNoNo
Sanders et al 57CRCT22YesNoNo
Sanders et al 58 CRCT23YesYesYes
Simmons et al 60 NCBA11NoNoNo
Stacey et al 38 RCT23YesYesYes
Stacey et al 39 NCBA18NoNoNo
Sullivan et al 46 RCT17NoNoNo
Sullivan et al 45 RCT19NoNoNo
Tinsel et al 29 CRCT25YesYesYes
Towle et al 40 QUAL18YesNoNo
Volk et al 47 Post-testn/an/an/an/a
Wilkes et al 48 CRCT22YesYesYes
Yuen et al 49 Post-testn/an/an/an/a
No. of articles38221111
  • *ICROMS minimum score for study type: CRCT and RCT: 22, CBA: 18, NCBA: 22, QUAL: 16, for further details see original publication of the ICROMS tool.21

  • †Articles report data from one study.

  • CBA, controlled before-after study; CRCT, cluster-randomised controlled trial; ICROMS, integrated quality criteria for review of multiple study designs; NCBA, non-controlled before-after study; Post-test, post-test only study; n/a, not applicable; QUAL, qualitative study; RCT, randomised controlled trial.