Table 1

Schedule of observations made during the study

Outcomes collectedCohortTrial
BaselineWeek 26Week 52Weekly for 52 weeksBaselineWeek 1Week 4Week 24Weekly for 24 weeks
Proxy-reported/patient-reported outcomes
  Eczema severity over past week (POEM)VVVV
  Eczema-related quality of life (IDQOL/CDLQI)VVVVVVV
  Amount of days emollients used in past weekVV
  Amount of days TCS used in past weekVV
  Use of medication other than TCS in past weekVV
  Adverse effects from treatment in past weekVV
  Doctor’s visits in past weekVV
Objective reported outcomes
  Three Item Severity scoreV
  Eczema Area and Severity IndexVVVVVVV
  Head circumferenceVV
  Weigh medicationVVV
  • CDLQI, Children’s Dermatology Life Quality Index; IDQOL, Infants’ Dermatitis Quality of Life Index; POEM, patient-oriented eczema measure; TCS, topical corticosteroid.