Table 2

Guide elements changed in the development process

Guide element from the QUASER guideChanges made in the SAFE-LEAD guide
Structure· The guide was shortened from 152 to 70 pages.
· Repetitions were deleted.
· A table of contents was added.
· Definitions of the quality challenges and a clear description of how the guide can be used were presented at the beginning of the guide.
· Incorporated opportunity and space for adding self-selected goals in addition to the predefined ones.
Content· Clearer definitions of the quality challenges, as well as some new labels (eg, ‘emotional challenge’ was changed to ‘engagement’).
· In Norwegian, it was not appropriate to use ‘strategy,’ so it was changed to ‘goals.’
· Removal of the leadership challenge (as this is inherent in all challenges).
· Inclusion of patient /user at the centre of the seven challenges figure 2.
  • SAFE-LEAD, Improving Quality and Safety in Primary Care – Implementing a Leadership Intervention in Nursing Homes and Home care; QUASER, Quality and Safety in Europe by Research.