Table 3

Final intervention programme

Workshop 1
(Mnt1—2 hours)
Workshop 2
(Mnt2—2 hours)
Workshop 3
(Mnt3—2 hours)
Workshop 4
(Mnt6—2 hours)
PreparationVideos and guide, tutorial on web toolVideoVideoCheck-up call before work shop 4
IntroductionIntro of the guide and web tool+identify quality challengesStatus of challenges and goals and reflection on action plan
Presenting survey results
Status of challenges, goals, action plansStatus
TopicSeven challenges, goals, user involvement, action plansGoals and action plan and user involvementAction planSustainability
ApproachSelf-diagnosis facilitated by researchersSelf-diagnosis facilitated by researchersSelf-diagnosis facilitated by researchersSelf-diagnosis facilitated by researchers
  • What challenges have the organisation worked on?

  • What challenges need more attention?

  • Why did you choose this?

  • Discuss goals related to the challenges

  • Focus on user involvement

  • Consider possible actions

  • Discuss action plan and local adaptations

  • Adjustment

  • Discuss promoting and inhibiting factors in local QI processes

  • Adjustment

  • Sustainability—what is needed in the organisation

HomeworkAgreement on homeworkAgreement on homeworkAgreement on goals for ensuring sustainabilityClose involvement from researchers in four units
  • The bold text specifies changes added after the pilot test.