Table 1

Patient characteristics

Full samplen=33n=38
 Centre (Moorland/Parkview), n15/1815/23
 Type of diabetes (1/2), n24/923/15
 Age (years), mean57.855.3
 Gender (male/female), n18/1519/19
 Ethnicity (white/other/missing), n28/2/327/2/9
 Insulin (yes/no/missing), n30/1/227/5/6
 Oral medications (yes/no/missing), n15/16/217/15/6
 First HbA1c (mmol/mol), mean68.9 (n=30)71.0 (n=29)
Qualitative subsamplen=12n=13
 Centre (Moorland/Parkview), n2/103/10
 Type of diabetes (1/2), n6/68/5
 Age (years), mean57.356.5
 Gender (male/female), n6/67/6
 Ethnicity (white/other/missing), n12/0/012/1/0
 Insulin (yes/no/missing), n9/1/29/2/2
 Oral medications (yes/no/missing), n8/2/27/4/2
 First HbA1c (mmol/mol), mean78.2 (n=12)78.5 (n=12)
  • Insulin—any baseline with an injection. Oral—any baseline with a tablet medication. HbA1c—the first result only is taken. Missing—no questionnaire returned.

  • HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin.