Table 1

Results of thematic analysis of positive, negative and neutral tweets with paraphrased examples

n%Paraphrased example
Theme of positive tweets
 Reduces health harms35270.4Minimum unit pricing will decrease hospital admissions and save lives #mupsaveslives
 Reduces social harms132.6This will greatly reduce alcohol-fuelled violence and other countries must follow
 Effectively targets the cheapest, strongest alcohol367.2Strong cider sold at pocket money prices is hugely damaging
 Scotland has an alcohol problem and something must be done265.2This country has an awful relationship with drink - let’s try MUP
 MUP is an evidence-based policy51.0The evidence backs MUP, which has been approved by the courts and will be extensively evaluated with a sunset clause
 Nil reason given6012.0Excellent work from the SNP!
 Incorrectly classified as positive81.6
Theme of negative tweets
 Alcoholics will not decrease their alcohol intake13827.6Alcoholics will not buy less but their children will go without so they can get it
 Increase in illicit alcohol production and/or encourage cross-border trading7114.2Hoards will rush over the border to stock up on frosty jacks - who would’ve thought we’d have a booze cruise in 2018
 Libertarian5410.8First the sugar tax and now this - the nanny state won’t stop
 A tax on the poor5210.4Another example of a classist poor-bashing policy
 Increase in drug use and/or petty crime234.6Neds will rob grannies for booze money and the jakeys will turn to drugs instead
 Punishes responsible drinkers173.4A few people can’t drink responsibly and now everyone else has to pay the price?
 Increases retailer profits61.2All this will do is line the pockets of billionaires - the supermarkets can’t believe their luck
 Harms businesses20.4How many jobs will be lost from this?
 Alcohol consumption is a cultural problem30.6Other countries with cheap alcohol don’t have the same problems - the problem isn’t to do with the price
 Nil reason given10821.6This new alcohol law is embarrassing bs #SNPfail
 Incorrectly classified as negative265.2
Theme of neutral tweets
 Factual30160Scotland introduces new alcohol law
 Humour10220Great that Scotland are adopting the alcohol pricing design they have trialled for so long at the Edinburgh fringe
 Balanced/Unclear Sentiment8216On the one hand it could reduce overconsumption of alcohol, but on the other it could encourage a black market
 Incorrectly classified as neutral153
  • MUP, minimum unit pricing; SNP, Scottish National Party.