Table 2

Themes and sample participant quotes for programme goals

Programme goalsLack of clarity about the programme’s purpose and sharing of information: ‘I don’t really know’.
“I was always waiting for a purpose…the reason why you are doing this research, and really I never get the answer…And research, in my mind, it’s when you are taking data, data, data, data and then you will come back to certain suggestions or a certain way or recommendation what I should do or what I will do…but it never came to that.” (R-106)
“Well, my understanding it’s for some kind of a program or a record…that maybe you want to compare with other people…I don’t know how specific it is to me, or is it a group thing or a widespread thing…And it may have been more help to your end than my end, to be honest.” (R-29)
“Well, I don’t really know [how information from the home visit is shared.] I just figure you put it in the computer and I really don’t know.” (R-30)
Obtain a comprehensive assessment of clients: ‘acquire as much information as possible’.
“…there will be a central data bank for me that will allow practitioners and professionals to access that file, which could save them hours and hours of doing the same research over and over again […] they have available to them all of the information on me, my whole DNA, if I can call it that…” (R-36)
an attempt to acquire as much information as possible about senior citizens, their lifestyles, their diet, health and everything that one encounters as you approach old age.” (R-48)
Support older adults to live at home: ‘keep people healthy’.
“…the purpose of TAPESTRY, to make sure that people that are at home are being looked after properly and getting the proper care and know where they can get the proper care.” (R-270)
the goal is to keep people healthy, keep them out of the hospital, nursing homes…but that’s a big job.” (R-03)
Improve care processes for healthy aging: ‘see if it’s working and where they can improve’.
to try and fill in holes or see if it’s working and where they can improve to help to take care of seniors that we, perhaps, made me feel I was important.” (R-145)
…you’re going to come to certain conclusions; with the ultimate goal of being able to identify all the various issues that an aging person experiences and then being able to sort of put the theory into practice in your treatment of the elderly.” (R-114)
“…I guess it [Health TAPESTRY] really was sort of encompassing the life of a senior or somebody coping with difficulties, but managing.” (R-118)
  • Health TAPESTRY, Health Teams Advancing Patient Experience: Strengthening Quality.