Table 3

Themes and sample participant quotes for experiences with Health TAPESTRY

Experiences with Health TAPESTRYVariable personal benefit from goal-setting.
the goals were good because they jogged me to think…when you know you have got a finite piece of life left, it’s probably a good idea to plan what you are going to do with it as well.” (R-118)
“…I think I’m too old to get those goals; because it was about exercising, right, and about walking. Well, I still don’t walk that much because my back is so sore…Then I had an operation on my foot…So, you know, I do as good as I can.” (R-148)
“Well, I just, for me it just wasn’t relevant. I mean, I joked and said, ‘well my goal is to be able to get up in the morning and function’; but I was, you know, being a bit facetious because at the time I wasn’t feeling very well and it was sometimes very hard to just get out of bed.” (R-15)
Open and caring inhome visits by trained volunteers.
“…they [volunteers] explained everything and they interacted a lot; there was a lot of social interaction, so it was very good.” (R-118)
“They were all very personable and attentive, caring, and listening with good listening skills.” (R-105)
Mixed experiences with provider follow-up after volunteer visits.
“…TAPESTRY sends in volunteers to assist the patient or the client; and depending on what their needs might be, they send in a specialist that might be of assistance…Myself I had an appointment with the doctor and the pharmacist to go over my drugs and that was very helpful.” (R-105)
“I found it very helpful in that as a result of the personal interview I got some feedback from my doctor, I don’t know, I won’t say immediately, but almost; …and she requested me to go into the office for a visit as a result of the TAPESTRY program.” (R-146)
“They [clinicians] certainly don’t contact me and say, well we received this from the TAPESTRY program or whatever and we’re wondering if you could come in and talk to us…But none of that has happened; so I feel there’s a disconnect…between the clinic and this program.” (R-15)
Satisfaction with the Healthy Aging Series.
“Very well done…one of the best sort of seminars I’ve been to in a long, long time…They didn’t talk down to you, they asked you questions.” (R-99)
“The information was fabulous. I was just blown away with the clients that came, they were so knowledgeable and so articulate and very attuned to the whole health issues.” (R-100)
Challenges with PHR technology.
“My computer has been down for about a month…and I think there’s also a problem with my technology, it’s probably pretty old. So I never was able to really access that [PHR].” (R-105)
  • Health TAPESTRY, Health Teams Advancing Patient Experience: Strengthening Quality; PHR, personal health record.