Table 1

Initial search strategy

ConceptSearch terms
1. Social workexp social workers/OR exp social casework/OR (social adj3 (work* OR casework* OR (case-work*))).tw OR (case adj3 work*).tw OR socialwork*.tw OR (social-work*).tw OR casework*.tw OR (case-work*).tw
2. Educationsocial work education/OR curriculum/OR teaching/OR counselor education/OR graduate students/OR exp experiential learning/OR OR OR undergrad*.tw OR graduat*.tw OR master*.tw OR bachelor*.tw OR teach*.tw OR train*.tw OR instruct*.tw OR educat*.tw OR curricul*.tw OR student*.tw OR OR practicum*.tw OR (field adj3 (placement* OR experienc* OR educat*)).tw OR (service learning).tw OR internship*.tw
3. Mental healthexp mental health/OR exp mental disorders/OR ((mental* OR psycholo* OR affective) adj3 (health OR ill* OR function* OR disorder* OR condition* OR status)).tw OR psychos*.tw OR OR (postpsychotic or (post-psychotic)).tw OR hallucin*.tw OR paranoi*.tw OR deliri*.tw OR OR mania*.tw OR manic*.tw OR hypomani*.tw OR (rapid cycling).tw OR depress*.tw OR dysphor*.tw OR melanchol*.tw OR dysthymi*.tw OR ((affective OR mood) adj3 (disorder* OR symptom*)).tw. OR (adjustment disorder*).tw OR (anxiety OR anxious OR anxieties).tw OR OR phobi*.tw OR OR fear*.tw OR obsess*.tw OR compulsi*.tw OR OR (post-trauma* OR (post trauma*) OR posttrauma* OR PTSD).tw OR (stress adj3 (disorder* OR condition*)).tw OR schizophr*.tw. OR OR (personality adj3 (disorder* OR difficult*).tw
4. Addictionsexp addiction/OR exp drug addiction/OR exp alcoholism/OR pathological gambling/OR addict*.tw OR alcoholi*.tw OR ((alcohol OR drink* OR drug* OR substance* OR gambl* OR betting OR wagering) adj3 (dependen* OR disorder* OR misuse* OR use OR user* OR using OR abuse* OR consumption OR addict* OR patholog* OR problem* OR compulsive* OR impulsive* OR crave* OR craving*)).tw
5. Suicidesuicide/OR attempted suicide/OR exp self-injurious behavior/OR (self adj1 (harm* or injur* or inflict* or mutilat*)).tw OR suicid*.tw
  • The concepts will be combined as follows: (social work) AND (education) AND (mental health OR addictions OR suicide). Search terms that end in a slash are psychological subject headings. Search terms that end in. tw are free text keywords that will be searched in PsycINFO’s text word database fields which are title, abstract, table of contents and key concepts.