Table 1

Multivariable linear regression for impact of respondent group and age on disease perception composite score

CovariatesEstimated coefficient (difference on 80-point scale)*95% CIP value
Age (per 10-year increment)−0.37−0.68 to 0.050.02
Respondent group (all in comparison to laypeople)
 Members of parliament1.71−1.53 to 4.940.30
 Nurses4.123.14 to 5.10<0.001
 Non-psychiatrist physicians5.704.60 to 6.80<0.001
 Psychiatrists10.537.66 to 13.41<0.001
  • *Per one unit increase in the covariates included in the model (eg, per 10-year increase in age), the estimated coefficient can be interpreted as the disease score change associated with the covariate. For instance, per 10-year increase in age (first covariate listed in the table), there is an average 0.37 decrease in disease score.