Table 3

Primary contributing factors in each delay category for avoidable EID and trauma deaths, 2012–2015*

Delayn (%)Primary contributing delay factorsn (%)
Avoidable EIDs (n=109)
  1—Seeking care25 (24)Perceived severity35 (74)
Perceived aetiology6 (12.7)
  2—Reaching care16 (15)Prehospital care28 (61)
EMS timeliness and response17 (37)
  3—Receiving care63 (61)Inadequate and/or delayed diagnosis and/or treatment82 (78)
Delayed interhospital transfer11 (10)
Avoidable trauma deaths (n=81)
  1—Seeking care18 (23)Perceived severity23 (77)
Delayed discovery3 (9.6)
  2—Reaching care14 (18)Prehospital care25 (63)
EMS timeliness and response13 (34)
  3—Receiving care46 (59)Inadequate and/or delayed diagnosis and/or treatment59 (77)
Delayed interhospital transfer9 (11)
  • *Note that one individual may experience more than one delay.

  • EID, external injury death; EMS, emergency medical services.