Table 2

Secondary outcomes of interest

Endpoint and definitionsData source
Mortality outcomes
 Inpatient mortalityHospital record
Dialysis outcomes
 Inpatient dialysisOrder entry system
 Discharged on dialysisSocial work records
Renal failure outcomes
 Percent who progress to Stage 2 AKILaboratory values
 Percent who progress to Stage 3 AKILaboratory values
 Duration of AKILaboratory values
Readmission rate and costs
 30-day readmission rateHospital record
 Cost of index hospitalisationBilling records
Individual ‘Best Practice’ outcomes (proportion achieved per patient in study arm during index hospitalisation)
 Contrast administrationOrder entry system
 Fluid administrationOrder entry system
 Aminoglycoside administrationOrder entry system
 NSAID administration/cessationOrder entry system
 ACE inhibitor administration/cessationOrder entry system
 Urinalysis orderOrder entry system
 Documentation of AKIPostdischarge ICD-10 codes
 Monitoring of creatinineOrder entry system
 Monitoring of urine outputHospital Record
 Renal consultDirect chart review
Provider awareness outcomes
 Chart documentation of AKI (by post discharge ICD-10 codes)Billing records
 Chart documentation of AKI (adjudicated)Direct chart review
  • ACE, angiotensin converting enzyme; AKI, acute kidney injury; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.