Table 1

Variables by domain

Personal and family characteristicsHealthLiving conditionsEmployment and economic situation
Sociodemographic characteristics*†: sex; age; country of birth; nationality.Anthropomorphic measures: weight (kg) *†; height (cm)*†.Housing: number of rooms*; number of people sharing accommodation*†; quality of environment*; type of lease contract*†; rent price*.Professional activity: number of employers*; sector of employment*†; number of working hours*†; working permit*.
Family composition*†: marital status; number of children.Somatic health: chronic diseases*†; accidents*†; injuries; current treatment†.Household composition: relation with household members*†.Working conditions: hardship †; exposure to hazards†.
Children’s characteristics: gender; age; country of birth; country of residence; current education.Mental health: anxiety; depression†69 70; current treatment.Discrimination†: at the workplace; in public spaces; in healthcare settings.Income: individual level*†; household level*†; state subsidies*.
Migration history: reason for leaving country of origin; date of departure from country of origin; date of arrival in Switzerland; previous and current residency status in Switzerland; visit to country of origin; regularisation procedure.Health behaviours: sleep72; physical activity*†.Social support: satisfaction with social relationships†.Financial situation: ability to cover unexpected expense; remittance to country of origin.
Education: number of years at school; highest degree attained*†; place of education.Access to care: health insurance; deductibles†; cost of premium; state-funded deductions*†.Integration into local life: participation to activities†; French fluency.
Professional qualification: professional training; employment record before migration.Utilisation of the healthcare system: number of ambulatory and emergency room visits†; hospitalisation*†; affiliation with a family physician†.
Renunciation to healthcare utilisation: reasons; type of care.
Occupational health†; emotional exhaustion71; professional injuries†.
  • *Variables of the Swiss Household Panel.

  • †Variables of the Swiss Health Survey.