Table 1

Questions used in the anonymous online survey

QuestionResponse format
1) When you started fertility treatment, you will have completed some consent forms. One of these was a ‘Consent for Disclosure’ form (for example, see Please tell us if you chose to allow your data to be used for non-contact research:Drop-down menu: yes/no/can’t remember
2) Was it an easy decision? Can you tell us why you made this choice?Drop-down menu: yes/no/can’t remember
Then: free-text box
3) Please tell us about your experiences of being given this paperwork, and completing it. How did you get the form? Did you discuss it with anyone?Free-text box
4) Did it make any difference that this was about your fertility? (yes/no/can’t remember box) Do you feel the same way about sharing other information about you?Free-text box
5) If you feel comfortable, please tell us about your fertility journey.Free-text box
  • Bold text signifies emphasis.