Table 1

Data available for analysis from each of the four participating services

Data metricABMBQCNL
 Total number of cases completedXXXX
 Number of specialties availableXXXX
 Top-five most frequently requested specialtiesXXXX
 Average specialist response timeXXXX
 Proportion of advice on new/additional actionXXX
 Whether a referral was originally considered/ultimately providedXXX
 PCP satisfactionXXX
 Number of PCPs who joined the serviceXXXX
 Number of clinics with participating PCPsXX
 Number of cities/towns with participating PCPsXXXX
 Number of specialists who joined the serviceXXX
 PCP enrolment by monthXX
 Proportion of active PCPs (submitted ≤ one case)XXX
 Hosts and key partnersXXXX
 Payment modelXXXX
 Number of cases completed over time (eg, monthly case volume)XXXX
 Number of PCPs who joined the service during the 1-year periodXX
  • AB, Alberta; MB, Manitoba; NL, Newfoundland  and Labrador; PCP, primary care provider; QC, Quebec.