Table 1

Participant characteristics

Candidate characteristicsn=21%
Age (years)
Source of primary medical qualification
 British or Irish Trained733.3
 BME UK trained14.8
 Overseas trained1361.9
 White British733.3
 Asian—Asian British314.3
 Black British14.8
 Black African Caribbean29.5
 Other (Arab)14.8
 Black African733.3
Already taken AKT
 Taken AKT314.3
 Not taken AKT1885.7
Stage of specialty training (ST)
IELT score
 Good (7–7.5)733.3
 Very good (8)314.3
 Expert (9)14.8
 No score given314.3
 Not applicable733.3
English language proficiency*
 Very limited00.0
  • *Participants own estimate

  • AKT, applied knowledge test; BME, black and minority ethnic; IELT, International English Language Test.