Table 4

Components of eligible interventions

Type of continuityDe GraffEdwards
et al
Ingadottir and
et al
Morris and
van de Mortel
et al
O’ConnerNumber of studies
Care coordinator identifiedR&Ixxxx4
Sharing care plan with other professionalsR&Ixxxxx5
Contact with same professionals out of hoursR&Ix1
Initial patient assessment conducted by coordinatorR&Ixxx3
Regular contact/follow-up up appointments with the same healthcare professionalR&Ixxxxxxx7
Patient selects which professional acts as their coordinatorRx2
Regular telephone contact with coordinator/identified nurseRxxxx4
One point of contact identified for patientsRxxxx4
Initial medication history interview and medical reconciliation conductedIx2
Liaison between medical teams
(MDTs, case conferences)
Education for healthcare professionals to promote buy in to intervention/promote continuityIxxx3
Creation of a (new) care Plan/database/reportIxxxxx5
  • MDTs, multidisciplinary team meetings; I, informational continuity; R, relational continuity.