Table 5

The barriers and facilitators to continuity in the provision of palliative care, and the impact of continuity on patient and carer experience

Barriers and facilitators of continuityImpact on patient
Barriers to continuity
  • Structure of systems

    • Fragmented services.

    • Multiple professionals involved.

  • Lack of information sharing

    • Between primary and secondary services.

    • limited access to medical records.

Impact of poor continuity on patients and carers
  • Impact on care

    • Difficulties and delays in accessing support.

    • Care plan is not clearly communicated to patients.

  • Impact on patient and carers

    • Emotional impact.

    • Additional burdens.

Continuity facilitators
  • One point of contact—care coordinator

  • Multidisciplinary working.

Benefits of continuity for patients and carers
  • Patient feels ‘known’

  • Patient is confident in care.