Table 1

Comparison of Raine Study Generation 1 cohort (females only, n=636, mean (SD) age 55.6 (5.5) years) at year 26 follow-up with contemporaneous Western Australian (WA) Census population (2016 Census data, females)

Year 26 follow-up
Raine Study (%)WA (%)
Marital status*
 Never married3.07.9
Place of birth†
Parity (number of children ever born)‡
 6 or more1.71.5
Highest level of school education§
 Did not go to school0.30.8
 Primary school0.63.0
 Secondary school95.188.4
Highest level of non-school education¶
 TAFE, college level52.446.5
 Undergraduate, bachelor degree level26.223.0
 Graduate, postgraduate degree level21.411.2
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing0.82.3
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services0.80.5
 Wholesale trade0.91.7
 Retail trade5.59.9
 Accommodation and food services2.43.9
 Transport, postal and warehousing1.92.7
 Information media and telecommunications0.80.6
 Financial and insurance services1.62.3
 Rental, hiring and real estate services1.42.1
 Professional, scientific and technical services2.84.7
 Administrative and support services4.63.9
 Public administration and safety1.17.4
 Education and training15.117.8
 Healthcare and social assistance23.425.5
 Arts and recreation services1.61.3
 Other services9.03.2
Family income††
 Medium low19.316.7
 Medium high24.525.0
Indigenous status‡‡
Area-level socioeconomic status§§
 1 (most disadvantaged)7.210.6
 5 (most advantaged)50.032.0
  • *Marital status: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–64 years. Raine data category ’married' includes de facto.

  • †Place of birth: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–64 years.

  • ‡Parity: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–59 years.

  • §School education: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–64 years.

  • ¶Non-school education: highest completed non-school qualification, ie, educational attainments other than those of a pre-primary, primary, or secondary education. Excludes persons with schooling up to year 12. Raine n=458, Census n=93 242, age category 55–64 years.

  • **Occupation: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–64 years.

  • ††Family income: WA 2016 Census data based on weekly family income for single and couple parent families, Raine data based on total amount of households usual salary/wage, before tax, per week: low <AUD$799 per week; medium low AUD$800–US$1499; medium high AUD$1500–US$2499; high≥AUD$2500.

  • ‡‡Indigenous status: WA 2016 Census data age category 55–59 years.

  • §§Area-level socioeconomic status based on IRSAD, divided in quintiles (based on WA Census SEIFA 2016). Low levels=most disadvantaged, high levels=most advantaged.

  • ATSI, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; IRSAD,  Index of Relative Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage; TAFE, technical and further education.