Table 6

Perceived level of competence across components of care by prior trans-specific training among nurses providing direct clinical care to clients at Ontario’s hospital-based violence treatment centres

Component of carePrior trans-specific trainingP value†
NPerceived level of competence* Mean (SD)NPerceived level of competence* Mean (SD)
Initial assessment523.92 (0.58)313.56 (0.44)0.004
Medical care503.50 (0.61)313.06 (0.54)0.001
Forensic examination493.64 (0.54)293.32 (0.59)0.018
Discharge and referral493.72 (0.53)283.41 (0.61)0.020
  • *5=strongly agree, 4=agree, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 2=disagree, 1=strongly disagree. 

  • †P value <0.0125 indicates statistical significance.