Table 1

Menstrual cycles characteristics according to the luteinising hormone (LH), peak-fertility mucus and pregnanediol 3-glucuronide (PDG) daily tracking for both 3-day and 1-day PDG positivity (PDG+) rules

Characteristics (22 cycles)3-daily consecutive PDG+ (3PDG+) after first positive urine LH test (LH+) or after ‘peak mucus day’1 day PDG+ (1PDG+) after third day post first LH+ or after the third day post ‘peak mucus day’
Median (day)Number of cyclesRange (days)Median (day)Number of cyclesRange (days)
Cycle length (days)272223–34272223–34
Estimated day of ovulation152211–21152211–21
First day of LH positive (LH+)13207–1913207–19
Last day of peak-fertility mucus (‘peak day’)151710–21151710–21
First day of PDG positive (PDG+)182113–27182113–27
First infertile day after LH+ followed by PDG+201716–29191914–27
First infertile day after ‘peak day’ followed PDG+201515–29191514–27
Number of recognised infertile days after LH+PDG+8175–1810197–18
Number of recognised infertile days after peak day+PDG+8155–179157–16