Table 2

Performance of the urinary pregnanediol 3-glucuronide (PDG) test with respect to its sensitivity and specificity

Rules for ovulation
Total # menstrual cycles (n=22)
Menstrual cycle scenarios
Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4
First conditionFirst day luteinising hormone (LH)+Fertile peak mucus dayThird day after first LH+Third day after peak fertile mucus day
# of cycles that met the first condition20172017
Second condition (follows first condition)Three consecutive daily PDG+Three consecutive daily PDG+1 day PDG+1 day PDG+
# of cycles that met the second condition17151915
False positive
(# of cycles)
Sensitivity (contingent on both conditions being met) (95% CI)85% (62 to 97)88% (64 to 99)95% (75 to 100)88% (64 to 99)
Specificity (contingent on both conditions being met) (95% CI)100% (81 to 100)100% (78 to 100)100% (82 to 100)100% (78 to 100)