Table 1

Mapping study topics: categories and codes with examples of study topics for each

Categories(n=5)Codes (n=19)Examples of study topics
1. Potential PrEP user/prescriberAcceptability/willingness (cognition, emotion)Barriers/facilitators/stigma to take PrEP
PrEP willingness
Feasibility of starting PrEP or programme
Knowledge/awarenessAwareness of PrEP
Knowledge of PrEP
Access/routine healthcare visit (structural)Routine HIV testing
Men’s healthcare
Feasibility of PrEP clinic
PrEP candidacy/HIV riskRisk perceptions
HIV testing/status
Risk factors/behaviours
Who benefits the most from PrEP
Number of sex partners
PrEP eligibility
2. Consideration while on PrEPAdherenceAdherence
Adherence measurement
Retention/re-engagement in careRetention in care
Re-engagement in care
Risk compensationCondomless sex while on PrEP
Injection drug uses
Incidence of STIs
Risk perceptionHIV risk perception while on PrEP
Adverse eventAdverse events
PrEP user issues and characteristics/PrEP uptakePrEP uptake/use
Disclose to partner, stigma
PrEP user’s experience/characteristics
PrEP prescription/PrEP clinicPrEP prescribe (for provider)
PrEP clinic characteristics
Conception (not with birth control pill)PrEP interaction with hormone
HIV serodiscordant couples desiring a child
Incidence of pregnancy
Routine HIV testing/health screeningType and effect of HIV testing
Screening for mental health problems
3. PrEP efficacy and safetyEffectiveness/safety/ drug resistanceDrug resistance
HIV disease progression
Effectiveness of PrEP
PrEP safety
Estimate impact and effectiveness/drug resistanceEstimate impact of PrEP
Estimate effectiveness of PrEP
Estimate drug resistance
4. Methods of and experiences with PrEP clinical trialsTrial’ method/characteristicsStudy participants’ characteristics
Study method
Trial’ experienceStudy participants’ experience
Experience of researchers
Influence of participants’ partner
5. Cost-effectiveness or economic evaluationCost-effectivenessCost-effectiveness
Economic evaluationCost unity/benefit/minimisation
  • PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; STIs, sexually transmitted infections.