Table 1

Characteristics of the participants

Age mean (minimum–maximum)65 (45–80)
 Women, n10
 Men, n9
Retired, n10
OA location
 Hip, n10
 Knee, n9
Pain baseline (minimum–maximum)6.1 (1–9)
Physical function baseline (minimum–maximum)8.6 (1–14)
EQ-5D-3L index baseline (minimum–maximum)0.59 (0.29–0.76)
Activity in the programme mean % (minimum–maximum)80.7 (19–93)
  • Pain was assessed with the Numeric Rating Scale from 0 to 10, where 0 indicate no pain with higher numbers indicating more severe pain; physical function was assessed using the 30 s Chair Stand Test reflecting the number of repetitions of sitting to standing from a chair during a period of 30 s; a higher EQ-5D-3L index indicates better health-related quality of life. Activity level was defined as the proportion of completed videos, exercises and questionnaires offered in the programme.

  • EQ-5D-3L, EuroQol–five-dimension descriptive system assessing health-related quality of life; OA, osteoarthritis.