Table 1

Search strategy for Ovid MEDLINE, designed as of 30 January 2018

1gynecology/or obstetrics/or thoracic surgery/or Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures/61 687
2laparoscopy/or hand-assisted laparoscopy/69 622
3thoracic surgical Procedures/or exp cardiac surgical procedures/195 024
4exp Gynecologic/obstetric Surgical Procedures/72 904
5Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic/10 733
6((gynecolog* or cardiac or cardio* or thoracic or heart or coronary or obstetric* or gynae* or laparoscop* or OBGYN or uter* or vaginal or cervical* or ovarian*) adj5 (surger* or operation* or operate*)).tw,kf.153 069
7Herbal Medicine/1629
8((herb* or plant* or flower* or phyto* or tree or mineral* or botan*) adj5 (treat* or therap* or intervention* or medicin* or remed* or extract* or cure* or oil* or heal*)).tw,kf.101 339
9(herbalism or botany or herbology).tw,kf.1255
10Phytotherapy/33 568
11(phyto-therap* or phytotherap*).tw,kf.1680
12exp Plant Preparations/pd, tu, ad, st [Pharmacology, Therapeutic Use, Administration & Dosage, Standards]103 896
13or/1–6 (Surgery)457 564
14or/7–12 (Herbal medicine)194 482
1513 and 141296 or middle or 608 507
1715 and 16470