Table 2

Maternal characteristics in preconception study

Maternal characteristics at inclusionWomen in preconception cohort with blood collected before conception, n=1248n included in calculations
Age (years)28 (22–34)1233
Height (cm)155 (152–159)1240
Weight (kg)55.2 (48.8–63.7)1239
Maternal preconception/first antenatal visit BMI (kg/m2)22.7 (20.4–26.3)1231
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)116.8 (11.0)1233
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)75.1 (8.8)1233
Parity2 (1–4)1242
 None or incomplete primary241 (19.3)
 Complete primary787 (63.1)
Secondary or higher219 (17.6)
Source of domestic water1244
 Private tap or bore hole106 (8.5)
 Public tap or bore hole809 (65.0)
 River/pool329 (26.5)
Type of toilet facility1246
 Flush312 (25)
 Pit923 (74.1)
 None11 (0.9)
Haemoglobin (mmol/l)12.2 (1.5)1233
Anaemia (<12 g/dL)458 (36.7%)1248
Malaria at enrolment101 (8.1%)1244
Non-anaemic and malaria-negative at enrolment734 (59.0%)1244
Diabetes mellitus10 (0.8%)1232
HIV-seropositive54 (5.7%)952
  • Data are presented as mean (±SD), median (IQR) or n (%).

  • *All other tribe groups include tribes with <10% prevalence.

  • BMI, body mass index.