Table 2

Linear regression analyses for the ED and HCY, B12 and FA

UnadjustedAge adjustedMultivariate adjusted
β95% CIP valueβ95% CIP valueβ95% CIP value
HCY−0.202−1.080 to 0.6760.6510.139−0.732 to 1.0090.7550.084−0.787 to 0.9560.850
Binary HCY−0.338−0.817 to 0.1420.167−0.146−0.622 to 0.3300.548−0.186−0.663 to 0.2910.444
B120.048−0.600 to 0.6960.8850.212−0.428 to 0.8520.5150.404−0.259 to 1.0680.232
FA0.112−0.668 to 0.8910.7790.388−0.384 to 1.1600.9860.324−0.496 to 1.1450.438
  • IIEF-5 scores were the dependent factor for the linear regression analysis. Multivariate adjusted: age, BMI, WHR, smoke and drink. Binary HCY: normal HCY (5–15 µmol/L); hyperhomocysteinaemia (>15 µmol/L).

  • BMI, body mass index; B12, vitamin B12; ED, erectile dysfunction; FA, folic acid; HCY, homocysteine; IIEF-5, International Index of Erectile Function; WHR, waist:hip ratio.