Table 3

Physicians’ role in the development of inappropriate polypharmacy among older adults based on the participants’ experiences

Insufficient knowledge about symptoms in older adultsMisdiagnosisPoor medical practice
Skipping physical examinations
Incomplete history taking
Insufficient familiarity with pharmacotherapy for older adultsInappropriate prescribing
Symptomatic treatment
Cascade prescriptions
Blind prescriptions
Patient’s unawareness of disease statusInsufficient patient education
Patient’s unawareness of treatment processes
Patient’s unawareness of side effects
Patient’s poor information of medication instructions
Patient’s unawareness about drug interactions
Lack of mutual understanding between patient and physiciansPoor communication
Overlooking patient’s circumstances
Lack of follow-up with patients
Substandard practice styles due to dissatisfaction with incomeUnprofessional behaviour
Attempting to keep patients
Attributing symptoms to old ageLimited perspectives
Specialists’ tunnel vision