Table 2

Adjusted difference in SF-6D utilities, KDQOL-36 scores and ICECAP-O capability index for dialysis compared with conservative care (fully adjusted)

Differences*95% lower CI95% upper CIP value
SF-6D utilities−0.05−
KDQOL—burden of disease−28.59−41.77−15.42<0.001†
KDQOL—symptoms of disease−5.93−14.612.730.18
KDQOL—effects of disease−16.49−25.98−6.99<0.001†
ICECAP-O capability index−0.07−
  • *Difference in scores adjusted for age, gender, country, education and health insurance status.

  • †P<0.001, statistical significance.

  • ICECAP-O, Investigating Choice Experiments Capability Measure- Older people; KDQOL-36, Kidney Disease Quality of Life with 36 items; MCS, mental component summary; PCS, physical component summary; SF-6D, Short-Form six dimensions.