Table 5

Characteristics of CRVS systems by region

Number responding ‘yes’Total number of responsesPercentage of countries that responded ‘yes’ (%)
An entity is responsible for CRVS1515100
 Ministry of Health or similar81553
 Ministry of Interior or similar71547
 Ministry of Justice or similar41527
Law exists that mandates birth and death registration131493
Vital statistics data are used in country131587
 To quantify health service need71258
 To analyse cost-effectiveness61250
 To measure impact of disease programmes71258
 National burden of disease estimates101283
Vital statistics system is currently funded131493
Private sector reports birth events using same electronic system6967
Private sector reports death events using same electronic system51050
Birth or death registration is required to access government services1515100
 Health insurance101471
 School enrolment141593
 Legal services111573
 Life insurance101567
Unique identifiers are used for vital statistics51436
 National ID4580
 Health ID050
 System-specific ID1520
 Client demographics1520
 Biometric data050
Security measures used for electronic vital statistics system81173
 Physical barrier6875
 Software barrier6875
 Legal barrier4850
 Unique ID2825
  • Missing or ‘N/A’ responses are excluded from the denominator number of responses.

  • *Bilateral organisations include both government agencies and non-government agencies.