Table 4

Characteristics of patient monitoring systems by region

Number responding ‘yes’Total number of responsesPercentage of countries that responded ‘yes’ (%)
Entity is responsible for patient monitoring141593
 Ministry of Health131493
 National Public Health Institute1147
Patient monitoring data are used in country131493
 Service coverage calculation121392
 Service quality improvement81362
 Commodity forecasting101377
Patient monitoring system is currently funded121486
Private sector monitors patients using the same system51242
Patient monitoring system is used for social health insurance reimbursement21414
Patient monitoring system is linked to other systems71354
 Case reporting3743
 Laboratory information system5771
 Vital statistics3743
 Health insurance system1714
Unique identifiers are used for patient monitoring71258
 National ID1617
 Health ID1617
 System-specific ID2633
 Client demographics3650
 Biometric data060
Security measures used for electronic patient monitoring systems1111100
 Physical barrier71164
 Software barrier91182
 Legal barrier31127
 Unique ID31127
  • Missing or ‘N/A’ responses are excluded from the denominator number of responses. 

  • *Bilateral organisations include both government agencies and non-government agencies.