Table 2

Human development indicators and World Bank economy classification for responding countries

CountryLife expectancy at birthMean years of schoolingGross national income per capita (US$, PPP)Composite Human Development Index
China767.613 345 (upper-middle income)0.738
Côte d’Ivoire51.953163 (lower-middle income)0.474
Democratic Republic of The Congo59.16.1680 (low-income)0.435
Dominican Republic73.77.712 756 (upper-middle income)0.722
Ghana61.56.93839 (lower-middle income)0.579
Lao People’s Democratic Republic66.65.25049 (lower-middle income)0.586
Malawi63.94.41073 (low-income)0.476
Namibia65.16.79770 (upper-middle income)0.64
Nigeria53.165443 (lower-middle income)0.527
Papua New Guinea62.84.32712 (lower-middle income)0.516
South Africa57.710.312 087 (upper-middle income)0.666
Thailand74.67.914 519 (upper-middle income)0.74
United Republic of Tanzania65.55.82467 (low-income)0.531
Vietnam75.985335 (lower-middle income)0.683
Zambia60.86.93464 (lower-middle income)0.579
  • PPP, purchasing power parity.