Table 2

Odds ratios for multiple logistic regression analysis on the probability of injury or death in unintentional residential fire incidents 

Risk factorOR95% CIP value
Fire factorsUnconfined fire3.591.41 to 12.160.017*
Fire at night time
Fire originated area
0.930.48 to 1.680.810
 Cooking area3.821.82 to 8.63<0.001**
  Bedroom for less than five people4.531.97 to 10.81<0.001**
  Common family area8.303.34 to 20.90<0.001**
Heat sources
  Operating equipment1.110.56 to 2.380.767
  Open flame or smoking materials1.180.50 to 2.870.705
Socioeconomic factorsRate of African American residents (>75%)1.991.01 to 3.760.039*
Rate of one-person households >64 years (>25%)4.871.54 to 12.860.003***
Rate of structures built since 2000 (>25%)0.630.26 to 1.310.248
PopulationPopulation change rate (2010–2015)
change factors  0%–25%2.931.51 to 6.070.002***
  >25%3.741.67 to 8.580.001***
Spatial accessibilitySpatial accessibility score0.900.80 to 0.990.048*
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.001; ***p<0.01; Likelihood ratio Embedded Image =60.96, df=13, p<0.001; Pseudo R2=0.11 (McFadden); Hosmer-Lemeshow Embedded Image =9.77, df=8, p=0.28; maximum variance inflation factor=1.07.