Table 1

List of study variables

Study variablesDescription and categories
Outcome variableWeight of the child at birth (0=normal birth weight (≥2500 g); 1=low birth weight (<2500 g))
Explanatory variables
 Maternal ageMaternal age during child-birth
(0= ≤20 years; 1=21–34 years; 2= ≥35 years)
 SexSex of the child at birth (0=female; 1=male)
 Maternal educationEducation level of the mother
(0=no formal education; 1=primary; 2=secondary or above)
 Maternal occupationWorking status of the mother
(0=not working; 1=working)
 Preceding birth intervalInterval between last pregnancy and current pregnancy
(0=first birth; 1 = <24 months; 2=24–47 months; 3= ≥48 months)
 ParityThe number of pregnancies reaching viable gestational age (including live births and stillbirths)
(0=primipara (1) ; 1=multipara (2–4) ; 2=grand multipara (≥5)).
 Took iron pillsMother’s intake of iron pills during pregnancy of the studied child
(0=yes; 1=no).
 Number of antenatal care visitsNumber of antenatal care visits received by the mother during pregnancy of the studied child
(0=no visit (0); 1=inadequate (1–3) ; 2=adequate (≥4))
 Household wealth statusHousehold wealth quintile
(0=poorest; 1=poorer; 2=middle; 3=richer; 4=richest)
 Place of residenceType of the cluster
(0=urban; 1=rural)
 Region of residenceRegion of residence within the country
(0=North Eastern; 1=North Western; 2=Central Eastern; 3=Central; 4=Central Western; 5=Southern Eastern; 6=Southern Western)