Table 2

Seizures and substance abuse during EDM festivals

Exposed (indoor- night-time)Unexposed (daylight)Total
Registered unique* seizure episodes30939
Seizures/9. 104person hours*1.20†0.350.81
Age of seizure cases (mean)22.324.522.8
Male/female-ratio of seizure cases1.52.01.6
Ecstasy intoxication during seizure8 (27%)3 (33%)11 (28%)
Ecstasy intoxications357136493
Ecstasy cases/9.104 person hours14.55.29.7
  • *Multiple seizures within a short time span in one person are counted as a singular seizure episode.

  • †P<0.0005  seizures/9.104 person hours exposed versus unexposed, by Fisher Exact mid-P test.

  • EDM, electronic dance music.