Table 2

Characteristics of patients and health professionals in the clinical outpatient visits and the focus group discussions

Clinical visit
Focus group 1
Focus group 2
 Primary care, ruralx
 Specialised care, urbanx
 Age (years) at inclusion70 (41–85)71 (58–78)74 (45–76)
 Sex, male33, 72%45
 High school1311
 Months since stroke3 (1–84)20 (3–84)3 (1–6)
 Working at stroke onset (yes)1321
 Length of hospitalisation, (days)8 (2–120)11 (5–82)8 (4–11)
 History of stroke (yes)913
 Stroke characteristics
 NIHSS2 (0–16)4 (3–10)2 (1–6)
 Aphasia (yes)901
 Neglect (yes)410
 At discharge
 ADL independency (yes)3436
 Wheel-chair use (yes)410
Clinical visit
Focus group 3
Focus group 4
Health professionals
 Age (years)46 (35–63)43 (37–46)46 (35–55)
 Primary care, ruralx
 Specialised care, urbanx
 Sex, male3, 30%01
 Stroke experience (years)
  • Data are presented as number of persons (n) or median and range. Missing data from medical records (n=4).

  • ADL, activities of daily living; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; OT, occupational therapist.