Table 2

Respondent preferences for physician attire in various settings, n=834

Preference for physician attire by settingOverall N (%)
Which doctor would you prefer for your primary care physician?n=817
 Casual attire199 (24)
 Formal attire with white coat188 (23)
 Casual attire with white coat183 (22)
 White scrubs90 (11)
 White scrubs with white coat78 (10)
 Formal attire73 (9)
 Suit6 (1)
Which doctor would you prefer to see when visiting the emergency department?n=814
 White scrubs382 (47)
 White scrubs with white coat271 (33)
 Casual attire with white coat65 (8)
 Formal attire with white coat52 (6)
 Casual attire31 (4)
 Formal attire8 (1)
 Suit5 (1)
Which doctor would you prefer when in the hospital?n=813
 White scrubs with white coat285 (35)
 White scrubs203 (25)
 Casual attire with white coat138 (17)
 Formal attire with white coat129 (16)
 Casual attire33 (4)
 Formal attire20 (2)
 Suit5 (1)
Which doctor would you prefer for your surgeon?n=810
 White scrubs345 (43)
 White scrubs with white coat272 (34)
 Formal attire with white coat108 (13)
 Casual attire with white coat44 (5)
 Casual attire17 (2)
 Formal attire17 (2)
 Suit7 (1)
Overall, which clothes do you feel your doctor should wear?n=800
 White scrubs with white coat252 (32)
 White scrubs205 (26)
 Casual attire with white coat136 (17)
 Formal attire with white coat131 (16)
 Casual attire46 (6)
 Formal attire22 (3)
 Suit8 (1)