Table 1

Examples illustrating the coding tree

P4: ’It has a lot to do with the competence of the person who’s asking the questions so they can do the thinking to squeeze it all in.’ (Group 1 patients)The professionals’ expertise and reasoningThe importance of HPs with stroke expertise and communication skills for capturing patient needs
P2: "So, I think it has just been positive, and it is also done so quickly".
P1: ‘That’s also a positive’.
P2: “Yeah, it’s fast, but you can also develop it as much as you want. But asking the questions doesn’t take too long".
Moderator: ‘Is it quick?’
P1: "Yes. It also depends on what answers you get".
P2: ‘Yes’. (Group 4 HPs)
The administration of the PSC can be adapted, quickly done or more in-depthThe PSC supports continuity and referrals but depends on available resources
  • HP, health professionals; PSC, poststroke checklist.