Table 1

Framework matrix

 Extent of useThe extent to which the service is used by the staff
 Inappropriate useWhen the service is not used correctly
 Suitable forSituations for which the service is most useful
 Unsuitable forSituations for which the service cannot be used
 Motivation and incentivesFactors affecting users’ motivation to use the service
 Doctor’s officeHow the office is organised around the service
 General practitioners and staffHow the service is integrated into individual routines
 Doctor’s officeThe main benefits for the staff of the doctor’s office
 PatientsThe main benefits for the patients
 Criticisms and potential improvementsOrganisational problems regarding the service delivery
 Technical challenges and limitationsTechnical problems regarding the service functionality
 Time and efficiencyImpact of the service on the staff’s productivity
 EconomicsEconomic impact of the service
Other issues
 PerceptionsIndividual thoughts around the service
 Written communicationImpact on the communication with patients